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Patient Gets Great Results After Suffering 18 Years With Autoimmune Disease!

I have been seeing Dr. Hartman for 4 months. Since that time I have noticed tangible results in my overall health and especially increases in my energy levels.

What really impressed me about Dr. Hartman's approach, and made him unique from other doctors I have dealt with, was his attention to my lifestyle and designing a program that could work with who I was.

I came to Dr. Hartman with digestive problems, bloating and constipation. I also had a hard time waking up in the morning as well as trouble sleeping at night. I had swollen joints, frequent headaches, rashes, and no energy.

I have been doctoring for an autoimmune disease for 18 years and was tired of being offered another medication to solve my problems and still feeling drained. Discouraged I decided to look for an alternative and that's when I found Dr. Hartman.

After discussing my situation in depth with Dr. Hartman, we changed my diet and used nutritional supplements to help rebuild my body. He made sure to explain what was happening with my body,how we could restore it, and gave continued guidance along the way.

I have seen huge improvements in my overall health and eating habits since seeing Dr. Hartman. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, my skin has cleared up, and I've even been able to stop some of my medications.

Using functional medicine takes into account the whole person, not just the physical symptoms. With Dr. Hartman on your side, health and wellness goals are within reach.

- Cindy

When I first came to Dr. Hartman it was only because I wanted a free spinal exam and x-ray. I thought I would find out why my back and neck hurt so much and be done with it. But when I saw my x-rays I couldn’t believe how bad it was. I left the office feeling shocked and teary eyed. After a few treatments I was amazed at how much better I felt. My pain scale rating steadily went down.

I knew that Dr. Hartman really cared about helping me with my back and neck issues when he consulted his mentor and showed him my x-rays. Another teary eyed moment.

I am also doing the nutritional program and I feel much better, especially knowing that I am doing something to be healthier. I encourage everyone to try this program. 

I no longer need prescribed pain medication and I feel much better about how I am taking care of myself thanks to Dr. Hartman and his wonderful staff.

Kay W.

I first used chiropractic care when I was in high school after a back injury in volleyball. After 3 car accidents in 4 years I couldn’t imagine my life without chiropractic care.

I suffered from intense headaches, neck and back pain. Chiropractic in addition to the specific strengthening exercises has helped me tremendously!! I would strongly urge anyone to try chiropractic care. It will change their life!! I have even had my 1 ½ year old daughter adjusted for regular spine maintenance, that’s how wonderful it is!!

Kristen H.

“For years I’ve had back problems & irregularity. A nutritionist told me I have a spastic colon so I’ve just learned to struggle with it.

Last fall I finally decided to have Dr. Hartman help me with my discomforts. After testing my body’s reaction to different chemicals, he prescribed some natural pills/capsules to clear my body of those toxics. In just 2 weeks I began waking up feeling more rested & having more energy. I’d tell friends that I know this sounds “quacky”, but I really am feeling better. I continue to enjoy better health, month by month under Dr Hartman’s care.

I have total faith in Dr. Hartman. He’s proven to me, in a professional way, that he is a skilled, educated & knowledgeable doctor who is truly dedicated to helping his patients enjoy a more healthy life style.”

Marge H.

Happy Sunday, Dr. Hartman!

I just wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU!!! I cannot begin to thank you enough for diagnosing my sensitivities; I truly believe that you were spot-on! Since my two visits with you in December/January, my health has greatly improved. I used to feel 'sick' in one way or another EVERY day. Now, I can go days feeling healthy! I have been trying to avoid all of the things on the 'AVOID' list as best I can. Here and there, I unintentionally eat something that has something in it that I am sensitive to. It is interesting now to see what affect each item has on me:

Wheat and Soy make me feel super nauseous, almost immediately, as well as severely irritates my intestines. Sugar give me gas/bloating, and causes headaches and weakness for one to two days following. Honey causes me to feel bloated roughly up to one day following consumption. Rice irritates my intestines. {Not sure about spelt and sprouted wheat - but have avoided those all together so am not sure how they make me feel.} You are right in the fact that the 'sick' feelings can linger up to 5 days after consumption.

It has been interesting! It takes me a lot of time to grocery shop as I check the ingredients in EVERYTHING that I buy. It is getting easier every day, though, as I am learning what brands/products I can buy, what I need to avoid completely, and what I can substitute in place of the products that I am sensitive to. Tony {my husband} has been very supportive and has been very open to trying the new things that I 'can' have, such as Quinoa noodles {in place of wheat noodles}, etc.

Megan B.,
A Previous Patient with Food Sensitivities.

I had suffered from fibromyalgia. Within 30 days of starting nutrition therapy the pain was gone and I was able to sleep without waking up every 30 minutes and tossing and turning all night.

Bob H.

In almost 4 months I have seen many good changes in my health! Dr. Craig has been causing those changes mainly by improving my food input and also by taking me off wheat gluten and all sugar. The sprouted grain bread and rice, which I can  have, has helped me to not feel too deprived! Probably the biggest surprise for me has been almost total elimination of heart palpitations which I have had since my late 30’s (I am now 62!) Dr. Craig drew out the toxins which were causing my heart to do that – awesome result! Through better nutrition I have also seen a great improvement in my triglyceride level and also in my digestion (I have Crohn’s) and he also enabled me to get off of Premarin, using natural remedies to help any of those related imbalances. I am very grateful for all these improvements in my total health.

Bennie F.