Neuropathy Relief

We provide Non-Drug, Non-Invasive, Safe and Painless relief from Peripheral Neuropathy.  This is done by using our "3-Pillar" approach.  The first pillar is our use of a very unique therapy instrument called the TeslaMax.   The TeslaMax is an electrical stimulation device that is unlike any other technology currently o the market.  It uses a proprietary form of alternating current to stimulate deep, painless muscle contractions that dramatically increase local circulation and move out fluid build-up - both of which greatly accelerate the body's natural ability to repair the nerve damage that causes neuropathy.

The second pillar is diet.  After all, it is the diet that caused most cases of neuropathy to develop in the first place.  We will educate you on which foods to eat that provide the most nutrients to your body so your nerves can repair themselves.

The third pillar is nutritional supplements.  We use nutritional supplements to get therapeutic levels of nutrients into your body so repair can occur more easily.  Research shows that most people need higher levels of nutrients so the body can repair nerves and restore normal function more effectively and at a faster rate.

At our clinic we always provide a no-cost initial consultation because we want to make sure you have a type of neuropathy that will respond to our approach before we start any care.  Give us a call and set up your no-cost appointment.